Washoe Republican Women

Sponsored Scholarships

WRW “Barbara Vucanovich” Military Academy Scholarship

This scholarship is open to all Northern Nevada students that have successfully been accepted by either a Military Academy or Military Academy Prep School. It is a needs based scholarship to support the endeavors of those that need additional support. One $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded.

Applicant Criteria for Consideration:

  • Must be a resident of Nevada
  • Must have attended and graduated from a Nevada High School
  • Must be accepted to either a U.S. Military Prep School or U.S. Military Academy
  • Display financial need

NVFRW “Jo Marshall” Scholarship

The Jo Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 2001 in memory of Jo Marshall, who was a BCRW – BOD, Past President and NvFRW – Southern Director. Two $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded, one to a Northern Nevada applicant and one to a Southern Nevada applicant. Students attending UNR, UNLV, our state community colleges, and the Nevada State College are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Applicant Criteria for Consideration:

  • Must be a female resident of Nevada and a registered Republican
  • Must be enrolled as a “degree seeking” student in her Junior or Senior year at a Nevada University
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have carried 12 credit hours in the semester prior to September 1, 2016
  • Must be sponsored by a NvFRW Club and the application signed by the President and/or First Vice President of the sponsoring Club  (Each club may submit a maximum of two sponsored applications for consideration)

P.E.M. Political Education Memorial Fund – NVFRW

The Nevada Federation Political Education Memorial Fund was established July 7, 1989 in memory of one of our members, Dorothy Wright. The money in this fund is used to help in the political education of our members by assisting them, if needed, to attend:

  • NvFRW Board Meetings
  • NvFRW Biennial Conventions
  • NvFRW Leadership Training Classes
  • NvFRW Campaign School


For more information on how to apply, please click scholarship titles.